Monday, July 16, 2012

Future Directions for Logic: Proceedings of PhDs in Logic III

I’m excited to report that the proceedings of PhDs in Logic III are now available for order. Here’s what the fuzz is all about:
On 17–18 February 2011 the third installment of PhDs in Logic took place at the Academy Palace in Brussels, Belgium. Some forty European logicians gathered to discuss a diverse range of topics in mathematical and philosophical logic. PhDs in Logic is an annual series of graduate conferences/winter schools, run for and by PhD students. The winter school consists of tutorials taught by well established researchers; the graduate conference provides young logicians with an excellent opportunity to share their results with a large audience of peers and established logicians. This volume bundles thirteen of the papers presented at the graduate conference of PhDs in Logic III. These papers deal with a wide variety of topics, coming from subfields such as algebraic logic, set theory, and philosophical logic. All papers share the common goal of advancing the boundaries of research in logic and its applications, thus turning this volume into a unique overview of what's hot and upcoming in the field of logic.
The thirteen papers are as follows:
  1. Decomposing Baire Class One Functions — Raphaël Carroy
  2. Relational Semantics for a Fragment of Linear Logic — Dion Coumans
  3. Bivalent Logics — Vincent Degauquier
  4. Reducibility by Continuous Functions and Wadge Degrees — Kevin Fournier
  5. Abduction of Multiple Explanatory Hypotheses — Tjerk Gauderis
  6. Constructing the Lindenbaum Algebra for a Logic Step-by-Step Using Duality — Sam van Gool
  7. A Logic-Based Approach to Pluralistic Ignorance — Jens Ulrik Hansen
  8. Groups with Unbounded Potential Automorphism Tower Heights — Philipp Lücke
  9. The Surprise Examination Paradox in Dynamic Epistemic Logic — Alexandru Marcoci
  10. Duality and the Equational Theory of Regular Languages — Yann Pequignot
  11. Ambiguities for NF — Damien Servais
  12. Axioms for Non-Archimedean Probability (NAP) — Sylvia Wenmackers, Vieri Benci, and Leon Horsten
  13. Modifying Kremer’s Modified Gupta-Belnap Desideratum — Stefan Wintein
You can buy the book from Amazon or from any other bookshop using the following bibliographic information:
Jonas De Vuyst and Lorenz Demey (eds.). 2012. Future Directions for Logic: Proceedings of PhDs in Logic III. IfColog Proceedings Volume 2. College Publications: London. ISBN 978-1848900790.